Hey! My name is Karina Branson.

My whole life has been centered around the arts and my love for all things creative.  I have been painting since my teens but I always found comfort in what I could see and replicate. Realism became the safe bubble I had no intention of crawling out of. Abstract art scared me in more ways than I could explain. It meant relinquishing control. It meant letting go of what I knew the outcome would be and just trusting what to do in the moment. It wasn’t until a friend of mine asked me to make him an abstract piece for his office that I even considered jumping into the unknown. And once I did, I was hooked. It felt good to just boldly trust my artistic vision and apply paint wherever and however I felt in the moment. Suddenly the thing I loved doing because it was something I could control, turned into something I loved doing because I no longer had to have any control. I was free.

The goal of my work is to brighten the world around me and to help people feel immediate joy when they walk into a space.

I want you to feel exactly how I feel when I’m painting: total and complete freedom accompanied by utter delight.