Our Team





My name is Karina and I am the artist and creative mind behind all the work you see here at Karina Nicole Art Co. My sister Kandyce is the one who convinced me to share my work with all of you.  

We both have spent most of our lives loving the arts but personality wise we could not be more different if we tried.  That's what makes us work though!  We are only a year and a half apart so we were built in best friends from the start.  I'm more free spirited and Kandyce is more organized and measured but put us in a room and we are loud and proud!  Thank goodness we have our much calmer younger brother to balance us out.   

Both of us got degrees from Baylor University.  Kandyce in Business and mine in Theatrical Arts.  

I currently live in the Dallas area and Kandyce lives in Las Vegas with her husband, Andre.

Please reach out if you ever need anything or just want to chat.  I cannot thank you enough for being here.